Take your TV channels with you!

Multi-screens: television, computer, tablet, smartphone

Wherever you want, whenever you want...

Nowadays, television programming is no longer limited to the TV in your living room; you can now watch your favorite channels and shows from your computer, your tablet and even your smartphone.

But that’s not all !

We offer you access to the world’s TV channels wherever you are and multi-connection at home for the whole family. Madam wants to see her favorite series, sir wants to see his match and the kids want to see their cartoons ? Let’s get started! Get connected !

Do you travel all the time ? In different countries ? And you sometimes find yourself in hotels, villas or apartments that don’t have your favorite channel or the latest episode of your favorite series ? Those days are over. Today you can log on whenever you want and wherever you want, or you can schedule recordings of your shows to watch them later.

IPTV LIVE BOX tells you how to connect simply from your computer, tablet and even your smartphone.